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From Courthouse to Congress

From Courthouse to Congress

(p.45) 4 From Courthouse to Congress
Alben Barkley
James K. Libbey
University Press of Kentucky

Barkley enjoyed success as county attorney. Among other steps he recommended a bond issue to gravel county roads and thus help his farmer constituents. He also served as president of the State Association of County Attorneys and became an official Democratic Party spokesman. He survived a scandal caused by the county clerk, Hiram Smedley, and won election in 1909 as county judge in what turned out to be a Republican year. His administration was vigorous and effective, and he gained a strong reputation for building county roads. When Congressman Ollie M. James chose to run for the US Senate, Barkley campaigned as a progressive and in 1912 won the seat James had held in the US House of Representatives.

Keywords:   Barkley and family, county attorney, Hiram Smedley, county judge, Ollie M. James, progressive, congressman

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