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Preparing for a Storm

Preparing for a Storm

Operation Desert Shield

6 Preparing for a Storm
The Air Force Way of War
Brian D. Laslie
University Press of Kentucky

Chapter 6 focuses on the planning and execution of Operation Desert Storm, arguing that the belief that stealth and other technologies were the primary factors that led to speedy victory is not an entirely accurate one. The planning efforts, initially led by Colonel John Warden, used the lessons learned from fifteen years of realistic training exercises to build an operational air campaign. This chapter also reexamines the threat posed by the Iraqi military. The Iraqi military, especially its air force, was not beaten because it was technologically inferior or because it was inept, as has so often been written. The primary reason for its defeat was that the Iraqi military was simply not as well trained as the American and allied forces.

Keywords:   Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Instant Thunder, Air campaign, General Charles Horner, Colonel John Warden

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