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Mixed Outcomes

Mixed Outcomes

Civil Rights in the Carter Years

(p.168) 8 Mixed Outcomes
After the Dream
Timothy J. MinchinJohn A. Salmond
University Press of Kentucky

President Carter was able to consider the interests of those whites who were able to foster sympathy towards the black case, and civil rights during his administration saw significant improvements. The president tried to meet with African American leaders so that he could better understand their situations, Carter articulated that repairs would require a lot effort since discrimination had left important marks. President Carter initiated the movement to make Martin Luther King's birthday a holiday. Black political power also experienced substantial growth which can be shown through Carter's actions. However, some events were out of the president's control, and these events were instances of resegregation. Although a weak link in federal policy, Title VI was beginning to be imposed in higher education.

Keywords:   Carter, African American leaders, federal policy, higher education, resegregation, Martin Luther King

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