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“Token Beginnings”

“Token Beginnings”

The Battle to Desegregate Southern Schools and Workplaces, 1965–1968

(p.34) 2 “Token Beginnings”
After the Dream
Timothy J. MinchinJohn A. Salmond
University Press of Kentucky

During the Johnson administration, desegregation in southern workplaces and schools was not very impressive as civil rights legislation was found to be relatively ineffective since white resistance was strong. The administration perhaps did not find an immediate need to address such issues as it took its time in coming up with guidelines for school desegregation as well as establishing the new EEOC. However, the new EEOC did not have a significant effects because it did not exercise enough authority to initiate violators to change. Since school desegregation was found to be very controversial, implementing Title VI was particularly difficult. As the officials during this administration realized that they had not done as much as they probably could or should have done, their work relied on other future policymakers to address such issues on desegregation.

Keywords:   Johnson administration, desegregation, schools, workplace, civil rights legislation, EEOC, Title VI

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