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(p.300) Postscript
After the Dream
Timothy J. MinchinJohn A. Salmond
University Press of Kentucky

Since this book only accounts for the events until December 2007, it has yet to include 2008's epochal presidential election campaign or how Barack Obama rose to presidency. 2008 was perceived as a Democratic year because it included an unpopular war, another economic crisis, rising concern regarding the polarization within the nation, demographic change, and a president who was not able to lead properly during a crucial time. Obama's election as America's first black president could not have happened if it had not been for the enforcement of 1964 and 1965 legislation and the resistance expressed to those who attempted to lessen the legislation's effectiveness. In this final chapter, Rutha Mae's experience is connected with how King infused his teachings of a Promised Land and religion in various civil rights movements and how Obama's election marked a significant milestone in American history, particularly to African American history.

Keywords:   Barack Obama, Promised Land, Rutha Mae, African American president, Democratic, civil rights

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