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The Aftermath

The Aftermath

From History to Memory

(p.254) 12 The Aftermath
After the Dream
Timothy J. MinchinJohn A. Salmond
University Press of Kentucky

When Josephine Boyd Bradley first entered Grimsley High School in Greensboro, North California in September 1957, she faced several physical threats, racial slurs, and insults from both the students and the faculty as she was the only African American in the entire student body. She gained support from three white students who befriended her and consequently they had to face exclusion. She was the first black student in the state to graduate from a previously all-white high school. When she returned to the school in 2006, she served as an honored guest and was recognized as a pioneer of civil rights in the school. Dorothy Counts also received comparable recognition for being one of the first to integrate the Charlotte school system. Many of these experiences never made the news, but each of these tributes celebrate various aspects of the civil rights movement and how this has brought on several significant changes to society.

Keywords:   Grimsley High, civil rights, Josephine Boyd Bradley, Dorothy Counts, Charlotte school system, integration

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