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From Bush to Bush

From Bush to Bush

The Complexities of Civil Rights

(p.237) 11 From Bush to Bush
After the Dream
Timothy J. MinchinJohn A. Salmond
University Press of Kentucky

Journalist Steven A. Holmes suggested that there were “two George Bushes” in terms of civil rights. One was the one who advocated equality and attempted to terminate segregation as he hired the first black chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and donated to the United Negro College Fund. The other, however, featured racist Willie Horton advertisements, appointed a conservative to the Supreme Court, and constantly made threats towards the Civil Rights Act of 1991. As such, George Bush's presidency was often characterized with a dualism towards civil rights. It is important to note, though, that Bush's term began with high support from the African American community when compared to the support received for other Republican presidents. This chapter explores some of the complexities of Bush's administration in terms of civil rights.

Keywords:   civil rights, Civil Rights Act, Supreme Court, dualism, United Negro College Fund

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