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Sustainability, Social Movements, and Hope

Sustainability, Social Movements, and Hope

(p.256) Chapter 12 Sustainability, Social Movements, and Hope
The Agrarian Vision
Paul B. Thompson
University Press of Kentucky

Sustainability is a cause that has gripped a significant portion of society. Subsequent efforts such as the millennium ecosystem assessment developed a number of specific indicators to serve as benchmarks in the progress toward sustainability. Social sustainability seems to be emptied of all normative content whatsoever. Consciousness eventually recognizes its inherently social being through its dependence on culture, history, and social embodiment in the ideal of the church, the state, and the abstract moral community of all people. Deep social conflicts are not sustainable because the sense of hope implicit in any conceptualization of sustainability as a moral ideal implies a realization of community consciousness.

Keywords:   millennium, benchmarks, consciousness, abstract, conceptualization

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