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Wanted: Environmental Leader

Wanted: Environmental Leader

(p.146) 8 Wanted: Environmental Leader
Agrarianism and the Good Society
Eric T. Freyfogle
University Press of Kentucky

To highlight the various qualifications needed in an ideal environmental leader, this chapter presents a mock job advertisement for the position. The ideal candidate must be able to: help awaken the people to their current environmental predicament, in its ecological and cultural complexity; stimulate a yearning for better ways of dwelling on land and living with one another; and provoke the various cultural changes that will bring about healthy lands and healthy people. Among the major qualifications for this position are a detailed scientific knowledge about nature and a firm grasp of the various moral, social, cultural, and political aspects of the human predicament as well as the inner workings of such institutions as the free market, public governance, higher education, and private property. Candidates also will be judged according to their views on the current environmental situation, cultural criticism, and good land use.

Keywords:   environmental leader, nature, ecology, good land use, cultural aspects, social aspects, political aspects

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