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Life in the Enclaves

Life in the Enclaves

(p.9) 1 Life in the Enclaves
Agrarianism and the Good Society
Eric T. Freyfogle
University Press of Kentucky

The long-term management of parks, wilderness reserves, and other similar natural areas requires a completely different way of thinking, valuing, and acting compared with management in the dominant culture. It is the job of natural area managers to strike a good balance between resisting those inevitable ecological and cultural changes that are harmful to nature and giving in to those that are not. Land use managers also need constantly to find effective ways to convince neighborhoods that they can benefit from natural areas and that such areas can be integrated into the surrounding cultural landscape—an extremely difficult undertaking considering the capitalist or market mentality, the embedded individualism, and the intellectual fragmentation that dominates the times, especially in the US. In creating land use regulations, it is important to have an ecologically based vision that views all lands within a landscape as ecologically connected and interdependent.

Keywords:   natural area managers, land use, dominant culture, market mentality, embedded individualism, intellectual fragmentation, land health

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